The promise (the dolphin song) – Olivia Newton John

Physical is a 1981 MCA Records studio album by Olivia Newton-John. It is her most successful studio album, being certified double Platinum in the US.

The song “The promise” is also called “The Dolphin Song”,  the lyrics are beautiful and touching.

I love this song. I love this clip, the dolphins are amazing.

Here are the lyrics:

See them play in the moonlight
Watch them dance in the sun
They’re the children of freedom – everyone
As they care for each other
With no question or cause
They deserve to be treasured as a source of love

In their minds there are answers
And in time we will know
What the truth is about all we don’t know
They have no room for hatred
Though they’ve suffered much pain
From the race we call human – who are afraid of love

If I can only help to right a wrong
With my dolphin song
Then I’ll have done what I set out to do
If I can only make one man aware
One person care
Then I’ll have done what I promised you

Let us hope it’s not too late
And that we can amend
All the pain we have suffered on a friend
We were born with our freedom
Oh we were born with the truth
Then why do we abuse it
We could choose – to love, to love

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What is he saying?

While snorkeling off the coast of north Florida a few dolphins came up.

One of the dolphins started talking.

Can you guess what he said? It sounds like hello

These kind of encounters make my day!!!

Share it with your friends, maybe they will guess what the dolphin said.


If you liked these sounds, you will love this.

Sounds of Earth: Dolphins
Sounds of Earth: Dolphins
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Flipper movie trailer (1996)

You probably all heard and watched the film Flipper.

This is the movie trailer of  Flipper of  1996.

This film is the remake of the 1963 film of the same name, starring Paul Hogan and Elijah Wood.

The movie is about a boy who is sent by his mom to spend the summer with his uncle, who lives in the Florida Keys.

The boring summer he expected turned to be his best summer ever.

Watch and reminisce the film.

I love this movie and I watch it again and again.

My Special Hitchhiker

Dolphins can be great hitchhikers.

They especially love catching a ride  behind fishing boats.

That was what happened to Mark Peters and his friends, that got this wonderful surprise.

Luck for us they caught this beautiful footage of these Pacific White Sided Dolphins.

I would love to have them as  my hitchhikers :-)

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When I saw the video I understood how important it is to have a good camera to get great dolphin videos.

It really makes the difference.

This is the camera they used in the video:

GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition
GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition



Watch Hope the baby dolphin calf

Hope the dolphin calf  lives in the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

She was found at 2 months old when trying to nurse from her mother that had died, she was rescued and brought to the Aquarium.

This video was taken when she was 7 months old.

Like every child she likes to play.

Watch her playing and having fun.

So many Dolphins – Grand Cayman

This is so exciting!

This video footage is one of the best I ever saw.

An ordinary fishing trip turned into a colorful festival.

The colors came of course from all the dolphins around.

There were between 30 to 60 of Pantropical Spotted dolphins.

Watch the whole video and you will see the dolphins everywhere.

Wish I was there…

Rare Maui’s dolphins sighted off New Zealand coast

WOW!!! This is so unique and special.

In the waters off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, there was rare sight of a pod of Maui’s dolphins.

There are only about 55 dolphins that remains in New Zealand’s waters.

To take action now and help protect these amazing dolphins please click on the following link

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Nature and Dolphins

It’s always good to take some moments and relax.

It’s better when you do it while you listen to beautiful music.

It’s gets even better when the music is  accompanied by the sounds of the sea and dolphins.

So take a few moments, close your eyes and just imagine that your in the sea with dolphins around you.


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